Pawsitively Purfect Salon


8640 Haines Drive, Suite D  Florence, Ky 41042   859-835-2222

 Pawsitively Purfect Salon & Daycare 

has something for every pet!  Whether you have a big dog or a little cat, long hair or short hair...we want your pet's spa day to be SPECIAL! 


  • Top-Notch Customer Service
  • Friendly Faces You Can Trust
  • Natural Grooming Products That Are Safe For Your Pet
  • Pet Safety & Health
    • Our constant assessment of your pet's skin and health, and notation of any changes in our system will be your "eyes and ears" between vet visits.
    • CPR/First Aid certification held by minimally one staff member at all times.
  • Give Back to Our Community
    • Support our local shelters and rescues through donations and assistance whenever needed and provide grooming assistance for animals in need to help them find forever homes.


At Pawsitively Purfect Salon & Boutique our goal is to please our clients!  Your Pet Stylist will greet you at check-in to assess your pet and go over what you would like done at each grooming session.  Feel free to share any fun ideas you have about grooming your pet!  We are always up for new ideas.  When you return to pick up your pet your stylist will bring him/her out to you for your review.  Please share your honest feedback!  This is an extremely important part of the process as we get to know you and your pet...we aim to make YOU happy!


Our products are NATURAL!  After doing many hours of research, we selected one of the highest grades of professional grooming shampoos and conditioners available. For pets with special skin conditions we have chosen Zymox Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment. This combination is great for pets with sensitive, itchy or dry skin. It helps with pets with yeast and many other skin conditions.


We know CUSTOMER SERVICE!  Our aim is to please you!  We are not an assembly line grooming salon; our groomers do not have a set time limit to complete each pet they groom. This allows them to spend time on each client and groom with care, keeping your pet stress free. We take extreme pride in our grooming, and we are one of only a few salons that offer both dog and cat grooming in Northern Kentucky!  We are here to help you in any way possible.


While our main focus is on grooming pets, we take pride in opening our hearts and our salon to assist our local shelter and rescues.  We partner with Boone County Animal Shelter and Lucky Tails Animal Rescue, to assist in the care and adoption of their animals through grooming as well as holding adoption events.


We stress SAFETY above all else.  It is our highest priority that your pets and our groomers be safe at all times.  We take every precaution to ensure your pet is never too stressed during the grooming process.  Your concerns are our concerns.  We appreciate communication.

Try us out today!

Thanks -

Jenna Meier

Owner/Pet Stylist